Users turn Trump’s mugshots into a trend, raise NFT floor price

In a bizarre yet captivating turn of events, users on various social media platforms have sparked a new trend by transforming former President Donald Trump’s mugshots into highly sought-after NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This unexpected craze has not only piqued the interest of art enthusiasts but has also given rise to an increased floor price for these unique digital collectibles. As the trend gains momentum, the NFT marketplace sees a surge in demand for these Trump-inspired artworks, contributing to the ever-evolving world of digital art and highlighting the intersection of politics and creativity. Explore this intriguing phenomenon and discover how the influence of Trump’s controversial presidency continues to shape the modern cultural landscape.

Donald Trump’s Surprising Return to the Internet and the Effect on His NFT Collection

Donald Trump’s reappearance on X, formerly known as Twitter, has caused a stir on the internet that nobody could have predicted. After his mugshots were released, users seized the opportunity to turn them into memes, resulting in a 62% surge in the floor price of his NFT collection.

While Donald Trump was briefly in police custody, he was released after posting a $200,000 bond. Despite missing the opening debate on August 23, 2023, he is still in the running for the next Presidential election. Supporters of Donald Trump believe that the upcoming election will ultimately be a battle between him and Joe Biden, regardless of the current circumstances.

This level of fan enthusiasm is unparalleled. In the digital age, it is the kind of attention that any celebrity would strive for. Prior to the meme trend, his NFT card collection was being traded at 0.138 ETH. However, due to the surge in popularity, the floor price has skyrocketed to 0.224 ETH, equivalent to $1,654. This is the price an interested buyer would need to pay to own a piece of Trump’s NFT collection.

The viral nature of Trump’s mugshots, which depict him looking at the camera with anger, has been further amplified by his supporters who added the caption “Never Surrender.” With the next Presidential election approaching, this unexpected online presence has provided him with the boost he needed.

One of the reasons for the cryptocurrency craze surrounding Trump is his differing stance from Joe Biden on crypto regulations. Biden is actively seeking to implement stricter regulations, while Trump, if elected, may loosen them to allow for the growth of crypto ventures in the US. Ron DeSantis, a fellow candidate, has even hinted at sidelining Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) if he wins the election.

The potential banning of stablecoins, such as the USD-pegged cryptocurrencies, may not be in the best interest of the market as they offer more stability compared to other volatile cryptocurrencies. They help holders track the value of their portfolio against the USD. Ron DeSantis has already taken a stance against stablecoins.

Furthermore, Trump has shown support for cryptocurrencies by holding approximately $2.8 million in his Ethereum wallet. This highlights his intention to promote and support cryptocurrencies due to his significant investment in the digital assets.

As we look ahead to the next Presidential election, the unexpected resurgence of Trump’s online presence and the impact on his NFT collection have undoubtedly captured the attention of both his followers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.

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