VARA issues an operating license to TOKO Network

Looking for a reliable and licensed telecom service provider? Look no further than TOKO Network, as we are proud to announce that we have received an operating license from VARA. With this license, we are authorized to offer top-notch telecommunications services, ensuring seamless connectivity and efficient solutions for all your communication needs. Trust in our expertise and experience to deliver high-quality services that are tailored to meet your requirements. Contact TOKO Network today and experience the difference that a licensed telecom provider can make for your business or personal communication needs.

TOKO Network Receives Operating License from Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority

Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) has recently granted an operating license to TOKO Network, enabling it to function as a Broker Dealer and Exchange Service. This license signifies TOKO Network’s dedication to transparency, compliance, and accountability, as it aligns with VARA’s regulatory provisions.

Achieving Regulatory Compliance and Innovation in Dubai’s Crypto Space

TOKO Network considers this operating license as a significant milestone that brings together the power of token creation and compliance practices. It showcases the convergence of innovative technology and regulatory frameworks in Dubai’s burgeoning crypto industry.

Scott Thiel, Managing Director of TOKO, expressed his delight on receiving the license from VARA. He also emphasized their commitment to supporting the development of a global virtual asset hub in Dubai. Additionally, Thiel acknowledged Dubai’s determination in establishing regulations that benefit the digital asset industry and its customers.

Dubai’s crypto community has responded positively to the news, with many congratulating TOKO Network for this achievement. Some have even suggested an airdrop, while others simply celebrated it as great news.

TOKO Network underwent a rigorous review procedure before obtaining the operating license. VARA assessed their capabilities and behavior to ensure compliance with their objectives. With the license in hand, TOKO can now operate as a broker-dealer for digital assets within and from Dubai.

Obtaining the operating license from VARA also reinforces customer trust in TOKO’s services in Dubai. Moreover, this opens up possibilities for TOKO Network to expand its offerings and currently focuses on digital asset tokenization and traceable transactions.

TOKO Network remains committed to enhancing the accessibility of decentralized finance (DeFi) while transforming digital asset management. They aim to set new industry standards by deploying innovative technology responsibly.

Partnering with VirtuZone for a Tokenized Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Continuing their pursuit of innovation, TOKO Network has joined forces with VirtuZone to launch Dubai’s first tokenized equity crowdfunding platform. The primary objective is to leverage the potential of Web 3.0 technology to revolutionize private equity fundraising for businesses and investors.

This partnership aims to reshape early-stage startups, providing investors with deep insights to make informed investment decisions. Neil Petch from VirtuZone highlighted that this collaboration aligns with Dubai’s National Entrepreneurship Agenda (NEA), which seeks to create 10 unicorn companies by 2031. This ambitious agenda is expected to attract both startups and investors to Dubai’s thriving investment ecosystem.

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