Why Gmoney Is Buying Twitter Blue Checks for NFT Brand 9dcc’s Top Supporters: ‘I Like to Fuck Around and Find Out’

Gmoney, the co-founder of NFT brand 9dcc, is buying Twitter blue check marks for the top supporters of his brand as an unconventional way to thank them. In an interview, Gmoney stated, “I like to fuck around and find out”, which explains his bold and unique approach. The move has generated buzz and is expected to bring attention to NFTs and 9dcc, ultimately driving growth for the brand.

Twitter’s recently overhauled verification system has caught the attention of noted Web3 creator and NFT collector, gmoney. To gamify his company’s Twitter presence, gmoney is rewarding his most active community members with free affiliate check marks and avatar badges. The top 25 people on 9dcc’s Network Points leaderboard will be offered a blue check mark and 9dcc logo badge next to their respective Twitter usernames, which currently costs $50 per affiliate user per month. This move is expected to be followed by other communities.

According to gmoney, the check mark is a status symbol, and he is launching this social media initiative to lend credibility to his trusted community members. Holders of 9dcc Ethereum NFTs and gmoney’s Admit One NFTs can earn points by participating in select online and in-person events. The selection process is purposely undisclosed, as part of the fun lies in the discovery.

Gmoney, having bought a CryptoPunks NFT for a then-record price in January 2021 and partnered with Adidas, plans to use the affiliate checks as a way to connect the dots and give top contributors something they can show off. However, it will prove to be an expensive effort, with gmoney footing the bill. The affiliate checks will cost him an extra $15,000 a year on top of the gold check mark he has already purchased through Twitter Verified for Organizations. Nonetheless, gmoney sees Twitter as an extension of his existing 9dcc community.

While there is always the possibility that Twitter may stop gold checkmark holders from drawing outside the lines with their verified affiliates, gmoney isn’t concerned about that possibility. The NFT collector suggested that Twitter may want to encourage it, citing Twitter’s high profit margins on such a simple yet costly service.

Gmoney had a strong opinion on the fledgling Twitter competitor Bluesky, which has been backed by Jack Dorsey and offers a decentralized alternative in its current early access state. He believes they will not be talking about it in thirty days, preferring to bet on the person who created the electric vehicle and rocket industry over the person who oversaw the massive decline of Twitter over the last decade.

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