Why LAL Art Has ‘No Interest In Just Putting the Traditional Art Market on the Blockchain’

LAL Art is a leading platform that provides innovative solutions for artists and art collectors. Unlike other blockchain-based art platforms, LAL Art is not interested in simply digitizing the existing traditional art market. Instead, it aims to revolutionize the art industry by incorporating advanced technology and providing new opportunities for artists and collectors to interact and exchange art. Through its unique approach, LAL Art offers a decentralized platform that empowers artists, enhances transparency, and strengthens the trust between artists and collectors. Whether you’re an artist or a collector, LAL Art offers an exciting new way to experience and invest in contemporary art.

Are you familiar with LAL Art? This art advisory and agency, founded by Fanny Lakoubay, is taking a different approach to the traditional art market. In an interview with Decrypt’s Liam Kelly at NFT Paris, Lakoubay explained why LAL Art has “no interest in just putting the traditional art market on the blockchain.” Instead, they are working to help artists reinvent themselves and adapt to the changes brought by Web3 technology.

LAL Art works with artists, museums, directors, and galleries to create unique experiences for art lovers. They believe that art is not just about objects or commodities, but about experiences that create a connection with the audience. By using Web3 technologies such as NFTs, LAL Art can aid artists in monetizing their creations while also ensuring the ownership rights of the buyers.

One of the challenges Lakoubay highlighted in the interview is the importance of artists “reinventing themselves every six months.” As technology and the art market continue to evolve at a rapid pace, it is essential for artists to stay on top of emerging trends to remain relevant and successful.

By focusing on helping artists adapt to the changing landscape of the art market, LAL Art is positioning itself as a leader in the industry. As more individuals seek to experience art in new and innovative ways, the work that LAL Art does will become increasingly critical.

If you’re an artist looking to stay ahead of the curve or an art lover seeking unique experiences, keep an eye on LAL Art. They are transforming the traditional art market, one groundbreaking project at a time.

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