Why ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Star Jon Heder and a ‘Workaholics’ Co-Creator Are Bringing Hollywood to Web3

Jon Heder, known for his role in the hit movie “Napoleon Dynamite,” and Kyle Newacheck, co-creator of the TV show “Workaholics,” are diving into the world of Web3. The duo has launched a new company called R&H, which will leverage blockchain technology to create immersive and interactive experiences for film and television audiences. This move represents another big step for Hollywood into the Web3 space, as more and more entertainment industry veterans are recognizing the potential of this emerging technology. With R&H, Heder and Newacheck hope to push the boundaries of what’s possible in film and TV, delivering new types of storytelling that fully exploit the opportunities presented by blockchain and decentralized computing.

Jon Heder and Adam Russo, co-creators of the NFT-enhanced animated series “Space Junk,” have praised Web3 as a powerful alternative to traditional Hollywood. With NFTs, creators can raise funds and directly engage with their supporters, while bypassing the bureaucratic channels found in traditional media production. Russo believes the Web3 model shares much in common with the process that created his cult-hit series “Workaholics,” which began as a YouTube series. Heder, too, has embraced Web3 technologies, co-founding Web3 studio and agency Verified Labs, launching various NFT art projects, and acting in the upcoming Web3 series “Cyko KO: The Animated Series.” For both Russo and Heder, Web3 represents a unique opportunity to democratize content creation and offer a space for creative voices to thrive.

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