William Shatner Predicts Where Crypto Will Be When We Reach the Star Trek Years (Consensus 2023 LIVE)

In an interview at Consensus 2023 LIVE, actor and tech enthusiast William Shatner predicted where the cryptocurrency industry will be when we reach the Star Trek years. Shatner believes that crypto will have matured and will be widely accepted as a form of payment, and that blockchain technology will have revolutionized many industries. He also emphasized the importance of security and education in the crypto space. Shatner expressed optimism for the future of cryptocurrency and its potential to shape our society for the better.

William Shatner, the legendary actor known for playing Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek franchise, made an appearance at Consensus 2023 on Thursday. During the event, he introduced his latest NFT project, following the success of his previous collection released three years ago.

In his speech, the 92-year-old actor shared his excitement about the potential of Web 3 in entertainment and where he sees cryptocurrency heading by the time humanity reaches the Star Trek era.

Shatner’s latest collection, called “Infinite Connections,” is a set of 2500 3D renditions of himself, reflecting his belief that everything is connected. He collaborated with Web 3 gaming company Orange Comet to release the project after being approached by the company. The actor claims that he knows nothing about programming, but his expertise lies in emotions, drama, and beautiful things.

In 2020, Shatner’s first experience dealing with NFTs was when 125,000 William Shatner trading cards sold out instantly on the Wax blockchain. One of the NFTs was an X-ray of his tooth. He later learned that NFTs can be “malleable” and “creative,” sparking his interest in Web 3’s evolving technology.

When asked if Captain Kirk himself would be into crypto, Shatner joked that crypto would be “way, so high” by the time we reach his universe’s time period. He also rejected the idea that fiat currency is going to collapse, believing that the United States will thrive in a crypto-based future.

Although he doesn’t invest in cryptocurrency himself, Shatner is open to it having value to others. He believes that “If enough people think it’s something, then it is.”

Overall, William Shatner’s appearance at Consensus 2023 shed light on the potential of NFTs and cryptocurrency in the entertainment industry. As the world continues to move towards a more digital future, it’s exciting to see how actors and creatives will use technology to push the boundaries of the industry.

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