XRP Holders Need A ‘Thin Win,’ Here’s Why

XRP holders are eagerly awaiting a “thin win,” as the digital currency faces increased scrutiny from regulators and legal challenges from the SEC. This article examines the current state of XRP and the challenges it faces, as well as potential catalysts for a win for XRP holders. With the cryptocurrency market more volatile than ever, understanding the nuances of XRP and its potential future is crucial for investors in this space. This article aims to provide meaningful insights into the XRP market and its potential trajectory.

During a live stream interview with John E. Deaton on CryptoLaw, J.W. Verret, a former member of the SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee and an associate law professor at George Mason University, explained why XRP holders should hope for a “thin victory” for Ripple against the SEC. Verret believes that there is a high probability that the losing party in SEC vs. Ripple Labs will appeal, which could result in the reshaping of administrative law for crypto. However, Verret also stated that the path from the appeals court to the Supreme Court could take four to five years. If Ripple wins solely on the basis of the “Fair Notice” argument, the case would be less likely to have implications for the following cases and the SEC would be unlikely to challenge it, Verret said. Continued litigation could mean more than five more years of regulatory uncertainty and a continued depressed token price for XRP holders.

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