YouTube Stars Rhett & Link Launch Web3 Channel With Token Rewards

Rhett & Link, two of the most popular YouTube stars, have launched their own Web3 channel that offers token rewards to viewers. The channel is designed to provide a new and exciting way for fans to engage with the content, while also allowing them to earn tokens that can be exchanged for various other benefits. These benefits include things like exclusive access to content, merchandise, and even meeting the stars in person. The Web3 platform also provides a decentralized ecosystem, which ensures that each person’s interaction with the channel is secure and transparent. With this launch, Rhett & Link are leading the way in the Web3 world and creating a new model for content creators and fans alike. So be sure to check out their channel and start earning tokens today!

Rhett & Link Launch Flagship YouTube Channel on Web3 Incentivized Streaming Platform

Popular internet comedy duo Rhett & Link have announced the launch of their dedicated channel, Mythical 24/7, on the Web3 streaming video service The channel will feature Rhett & Link’s flagship YouTube talk and variety series, “Good Mythical Morning,” as well as their food-focused series, “Mythical Kitchen,” and podcast, “Ear Biscuits.” is the flagship offering of Replay, a blockchain streaming platform that incentivizes users to watch films, TV shows, and live channels with gamified, on-chain infrastructure that tracks and rewards viewership with cryptocurrency and NFTs. The service’s media library includes both pre-existing titles, as well as original content.

Viewers who watch Rhett & Link on can earn the platforms native RPLAY token, which can be redeemed to unlock premium content and other perks. Rewarded’s tokenized infrastructure is powered by Theta, a layer-1 blockchain network focused on video streaming.

Rhett & Link’s launch on is one part of Replay’s broader campaign to onboard mass audiences to Web3 with premium content from familiar brands. Replay CEO Krish Arvapally said, “We understand how important it is for media brands to ensure their Web3 experiences are as simple as they are fun. Luckily, the industry is quickly catching up, and once users are watching, getting into the crypto side of things only takes an email address.” is just one of a growing number of Web3-native media offerings that are gambling on the attractiveness of gamification and tokenized ecosystems to lure audiences. The launch of governance NFTs on also grants holders the ability to vote on what content is featured on the app.

With Rhett & Link’s enormous following on many existing channels, this could see even more people familiarize themselves with cryptocurrency through the model. The platform’s tokenized infrastructure is sure to appeal to a growing number of users––potentially allowing for greater crossover between the mainstream and the more technical realm of Web3.

Title 1: Rhett & Link Launch Mythical 24/7 on Web3 Incentivized Streaming Platform
Title 2: Leads the Web3 Entertainment Charge with Rhett & Link’s Addition.

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