ZED RUN introduces a charged stamina for every racehorse

ZED RUN, the popular blockchain-based horse racing platform, has unveiled a new feature that introduces a charged stamina system for every racehorse on the platform. The new feature will add a new level of strategy and challenge for players as they manage their horses’ energy consumption during races.

As a player, you must now consider how you use your horse’s stamina throughout the race, to ensure that it has enough energy left in the tank for the final stretch. The charged stamina system will also allow horses to have different levels of energy, adding another layer of variability to each race.

By introducing this innovative feature, ZED RUN aims to bring a new level of excitement and thrill to its already popular platform. Users can now experience a new level of realism in virtual horse racing while also enjoying the benefits of blockchain technology.

So, if you’re a fan of horse racing and love a good challenge, come and try out the new stamina system on ZED RUN today!

ZED RUN has launched Improve Stamina, giving every virtual racehorse a fully charged stamina bar, increasing their chances of competing in events and earning rewards. Developed by Virtually Human Studio, ZED RUN is an NFT project that allows users to purchase, breed, and race their virtual racehorses. With gasless transactions and a huge prize pool, users can also experience futuristic possibilities on the Matic Network. ZED RUN horses are freely accessible on OpenSea and Hawku, where owners can promote their NFTs to increase their chances of selling their horses. Class 1 is the top class for ZED RUN racehorses, with numerals ranging from 1 to 5 for Class 5 horses. Additionally, breeding racehorses requires a male and a female horse, along with sufficient WETH. Improved Stamina is one of the latest features added by ZED RUN to enhance the experience of its players.

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