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RFOX VALT: Revolutionizing the Virtual Space with AI-Powered VR Experiences

RFOX VALT is making waves in the virtual world with its groundbreaking advancements. This immersive VR-first platform empowers creators to customize spaces, experiences, and assets using AI tools. By blending social experiences, games, and retail spaces, RFOX VALT sets itself apart from other metaverses. In this article, we will delve into the company’s founding story, the unique features of the platform, and how it aims to transform the way we engage in digital realms.

How it all began: A Vision for the Future

Established in 2018, RFOX was conceived as a platform that combines the latest technologies to enable users to build, create, earn, and share experiences. Inspired by the success of Roblox in game development, CEO and Co-Founder Ben Fairbank envisioned creating a similar impact in the realm of VR experiences. Fairbank’s ultimate vision is to see a future where the majority of individuals immerse themselves in the metaverse, revolutionizing human connections.

Fairbank believes that this transformation will not only be a technological advancement but also a paradigm shift in how we perceive and interact with each other in digital spaces. Through RFOX, he aims to provide a metaverse experience that goes beyond gaming and fosters a new way of societal engagement. By combining NFTs, blockchain, AI, and VR, RFOX empowers its users to shape the digital realm according to their imagination.

Getting Started with RFOX VALT

If you’re new to VR and the RFOX VALT experience, adapting to the virtual environment may pose some initial challenges. However, RFOX has taken measures to ensure a seamless onboarding process. Meta Quest 2 provides a tutorial to familiarize users with the controls and VR user interface. Nevertheless, different games may have varying controls, which can sometimes be daunting for inexperienced users. Motion sickness is also a common concern, particularly during the first VR experience.

To get started with RFOX VALT, follow these five simple steps:

1. Open the RFOX VALT App on Oculus.
2. Create an RFOX ID account.
3. Sign in using Apple or Gmail, linked to your RFOX ID.
4. Personalize your avatar using RPM.
5. Step into the realm and explore a world of possibilities.

Once you enter the realm, you can interact with friends, customize your apartment, play games, enjoy virtual dining experiences, and much more.

Emphasizing a Smooth Onboarding Experience

Josef Andre, Product Portfolio Manager at RFOX, emphasizes the importance of a natural transition for mass adoption of NFTs. Rather than imposing NFTs on users, Andre believes in using them as an additional value proposition to enhance utility and ownership within the RFOX VALT ecosystem. When users log in, they are assigned an RFOX ID, which serves as their identifier across the platform. By connecting their wallets to the RFOX ID, users gain automatic access to their NFTs in the metaverse.

To experience a token-gated apartment in the metaverse, users can purchase an RFOX Apartment NFT on Opensea. The collection includes four types of apartments: Studio, Standard, Penthouse, and Sky Apartments. By leveraging AI integrations and voice commands, users can personalize their virtual space with AI-generated art and even display their NFT collections on virtual walls.

Where to Play and Future Developments

RFOX VALT’s metaverse is currently available in Open Beta, supporting VR on SideQuest and mobile platforms on Android and iOS. You can easily download the app from their website. The RFOX team is continuously developing a suite of tools, including an SDK and API, to empower creators to design and build on a stable and scalable platform. The platform will be gradually opened to a larger user base, with plans to complete most platform features and tools within the next six months.


RFOX VALT is at the forefront of innovation in the virtual space, presenting users with an immersive VR-first platform that empowers their creativity. By combining AI, VR, NFTs, and blockchain technology, RFOX VALT opens new possibilities for social interactions, gaming, and retail experiences. The team behind RFOX is driven by a vision of transforming the way we engage in digital realms, and they eagerly await the creations that their users will bring to life. Experience the future of the metaverse with RFOX VALT and unlock unlimited possibilities in your virtual adventures.

To learn more about RFOX VALT and start your journey, visit their official website and download the app today.

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