adidas /// Studio’s RESIDENCY — Elevating Emerging Artists in the Web3

Looking to discover and support emerging artists in the Web3 space? Look no further than adidas /// Studio’s RESIDENCY. Our program is dedicated to elevating talented and innovative artists who are pushing boundaries and exploring the possibilities of Web3 technologies. Through our curated residency program, we provide a platform for these artists to showcase their work and connect with a global community of art enthusiasts. Join us as we celebrate the power of creativity and technology, and discover the next generation of Web3 artists with adidas /// Studio’s RESIDENCY.

Unveiling the RESIDENCY by adidas Program: Fostering Artist Collaboration in the Web3 Space

In an era dominated by web3, where digital interactions are being redefined, brands are increasingly seeking ways to establish deeper connections with their communities. One such brand is adidas, a German-based company with a rich history of 74 years in streetwear and lifestyle. Now, adidas is taking its commitment to creativity and the web3 community to new heights with the introduction of its digital art program: RESIDENCY by adidas. We had the opportunity to sit down with Stacey King, the Global Head of Communications & Activation for the adidas /// Studio, to discuss the details behind the RESIDENCY program, its significance for the adidas community, and its upcoming activation at The Gateway: Korea.

The Journey of adidas in the Web3 Space

adidas entered the realm of web3 in 2021, following the broader recognition of its potential after a tweet by Elon Musk about cryptocurrency. In 2022, the Three Stripes Studio (adidas /// Studio) was established, leading the way for numerous initiatives and collaborations with industry giants such as Yuga Labs and PUNKS COMICS. Their collaboration called ‘Into the Metaverse’ received global attention for its large-scale NFT AirDrop in June 2022. In November, adidas made history by launching a virtual-only clothing line, further solidifying its position in the web3 space. Additionally, adidas has actively participated in and hosted community events worldwide, demonstrating its dedication to fostering a community-centric ecosystem.

Discovering adidas’ Web3 Ecosystem

Within adidas’ web3 ecosystem, two core platforms stand out: Adidas COLLECT and ALTS by adidas. COLLECT serves as a centralized hub for adidas’ web3 activities, aiming to merge the virtual and physical worlds while enhancing member engagement and experiences utilizing blockchain technology. ALTS by adidas, on the other hand, represents the brand’s genesis NFT, encapsulating the essence of adidas in the digital realm. Through ALTS, users can curate unique avatars and gain exclusive access to collectibles and experiences.

Introducing RESIDENCY: A Platform for Artists in the Web3 Space

The RESIDENCY initiative, presented by adidas /// Studio, aims to provide a unique platform for both emerging and established artists in the web3 space. By supporting artists who embody collaboration, co-creation, and innovation—the core principles of adidas—the program seeks to unite art, identity, and creative expression. The launch of RESIDENCY will be accompanied by Stacey King’s participation as a panelist speaker at the highly anticipated nft now event, cementing adidas’ prominent position within the web3 community.

Elevating Artists with the adidas Platform

Adidas acknowledges its multifaceted identity, which extends beyond being a sportswear brand. Recognizing the need for artists to have significant platforms in the web3 space, adidas aims to bridge this gap through the RESIDENCY program. The brand plans to offer artists various resources, including physical products, virtual creations, marketing opportunities, and its platform. Moreover, adidas intends to collaborate with artists, producing both physical and virtual products that resonate with the brand and spotlight the artists themselves. By providing artists with prominent platforms through events, panel discussions, and marketing opportunities, adidas ensures that its community will appreciate the collaborative effort between the brand and their favorite artists.

Introducing the First Artists of the adidas /// Studio RESIDENCY Program

The RESIDENCY program proudly introduces the first two artists: MonkeeMoto and Adra Kandil, also known as Dear Nostalgia. MonkeeMoto is a visionary in the digital realm, excelling in digital artistry, web3 game development, and conceptual design. Adra Kandil, on the other hand, captivates audiences with her ability to blend modern realities with a touch of collective nostalgia. Both artists will debut their exclusive artworks during the launch of RESIDENCY, featuring adidas’ first-ever limited and open edition NFT sale from September 6th to 11th, 2023.

The Future of adidas in the Web3 Space

For adidas, the RESIDENCY program represents not only a digital initiative but also a commitment to tangible rewards. Limited edition NFT holders, limited to 100 pieces per artist, will receive an exclusive hoodie featuring the /// Studio’s iconic sideways trefoil logo, exclusively available at the Korean Blockchain Week event. Looking ahead, adidas aims to continue collaborating with artists, using its marketing efforts, channels, and platforms to elevate their message. Ultimately, adidas believes that the key to the success of the RESIDENCY program lies not only in artist collaboration but also in meaningful engagement with its wider community.


With the introduction of the RESIDENCY by adidas program, adidas showcases its unwavering commitment to the web3 community and its dedication to supporting artists. Through this initiative, adidas aims to provide artists with a platform to showcase their work and flourish in the web3 space. By merging art, identity, and creative expression, adidas continues to push boundaries and establish itself as a leading brand in the evolving digital frontier.

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