An Inside Look at Digital Fashion Platform DRAUP

DRAUP is a cutting-edge digital fashion platform that seamlessly connects fashion brands with top fashion influencers from across the globe. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the fashion industry, DRAUP’s proprietary technology allows brands to tap into a vast network of influencers, craft custom campaigns, and generate authentic, meaningful content that resonates with their target audience. Whether you’re a fashion brand looking to increase your reach and sales, or an influencer looking for exciting new opportunities, DRAUP has everything you need to succeed in the digital fashion space.

DRAUP: The Future of Digital Fashion

DRAUP is a digital fashion platform that aims to expand the creative and technological bounds of digital fashion. Backed by Variant Fund, Flamingo DAO, Ian Rogers, GMoney, and other notable individuals, DRAUP’s mission is to promote the perception of digital fashion not just as wearable garments, but as collectible art.

The inaugural collection, #00: Seen On Screen, features a collaboration with artist Nicolas Sassoon, who has previously worked with Uniqlo and Balenciaga. The collection takes moiré patterns, an optical phenomenon seen on screens, as its subject.

DRAUP believes that “code is the couture,” and each digital fashion drop is created using generative algorithms. These code-based systems determine the cut, color, material, and patterns of the garments. By integrating a generative process in creating prints that could only exist in the digital realm, with screen-inspired silhouettes, DRAUP brings new, dynamic experiences of pixelated patterns in digital garments.

In contrast with other brands that allow digital clothing to be worn on multiple platforms, DRAUP provides a “collector’s space,” where you can see the garments in their highest quality as well as interact with them as 3D digital sculptures.

DRAUP’s inaugural drop consists of 648 generative pieces across five garment types (coats, dresses, pants, tops, and hats). The sale begins on April 25 and takes place in three tiers.

DRAUP sets the stage for a whole new era of fashion, where couture’s creative concepts are aligned with crypto’s digital principles. With generative garments and a collector-focused platform, DRAUP enables a revolutionary new vision of fashion.

Possible Titles:
– DRAUP: Expanding the Creative and Technological Bounds of Digital Fashion
– Code Is the Couture: DRAUP’s Mission to Elevate Digital Fashion to Art
– DRAUP: A Revolutionary New Vision of Fashion

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