DeGods’ Kevin III Talks Bitcoin Branch, y00ts Future

In this article, DeGods’ Kevin III discusses the new Bitcoin branch and the future of y00ts. He shares insights on how the Bitcoin branch will work and the benefits it will bring to the cryptocurrency community. He also talks about y00ts, a platform that aims to revolutionize the way we interact with digital content, and reveals its exciting plans for the future. This article is a must-read for anyone interested in cryptocurrency and the latest developments in the tech industry.

DeGods: The Ultimate NFT Comeback Story

DeGods has proven to be one of the biggest NFT comeback stories of the past year, as it continues to gain momentum and expand its reach. Originally born on the Solana blockchain, DeGods has since set its sights on Ethereum, Polygon, and most recently, Bitcoin. In this latest move, DeGods has partnered with Luxor Mining to bring a select set of NFTs, previously burned from the blockchain as part of the “Paper Hands Bitch Tax” experiment, over to Bitcoin as Ordinals Inscriptions – a first-of-its-kind minting experience on Bitcoin.

DeGods on Bitcoin

DeGods is now joining the growing list of Bitcoin-centric NFT players, including Yuga Labs, OnChainMonkey, and Taproot Wizards. The DeGods on Bitcoin collection features a total of 535 NFTs, with a tentative mint scheduled for March 17th. Although the mint price has yet to be set, users interested in participating will want to have at least 0.444 BTC in a self-custodial wallet ready to go.

But the collection has more in store, as 35 NFTs will be auctioned off in $DUST, DeGods’ community utility token. Proceeds of the DUST-auctioned DeGods will go towards the DustDAO, a DAO for DUST token governance set for post DeGods and y00ts merge.

Why Expand to Bitcoin?

While the hype surrounding Bitcoin Ordinals may have been the impetus behind DeGods’ expansion to the Bitcoin blockchain, it’s clear that the move carries deeper meaning. DeGods CEO Kevin Henrikson, aka Kevin III, noted that their already-existing affinity for BTC is what fueled the move.

To Henrikson, the potential for digital collectibles on Bitcoin is “magic.” And having DeGods come back as DeadGods, in this fashion, was “perfect.”

The Future of DeGods

With two collection merges on the horizon, there’s much to look forward to for the DeGods community. According to Henrikson, the move to Bitcoin is not meant to overshadow the potential of y00ts but to uplift the entirety of the DeGods and y00ts ecosystem.

In the coming weeks, y00ts will be moving to Polygon, expanding its reach even further. DeGods has also announced plans to launch an incubator and accelerator to help grow the Polygon ecosystem and bring more creators and brands into Web3. So, while DeGods has already had an incredible past year, it seems that the best is yet to come.

Title 1: DeGods Takes a Step into the Bitcoin World as Ordinals Inscriptions
Title 2: DeGods Bridges Select NFTs to Bitcoin in a First-of-its-kind Minting Experience

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