DFZ Labs Launches ‘Culture On-Chain’ Series, Will Debut in Seoul

DFZ Labs, a blockchain technology firm, is set to launch its highly anticipated ‘Culture On-Chain’ series. The inaugural event will take place in Seoul, showcasing the intersection of blockchain and cultural preservation. With a focus on SEO-friendly content, DFZ Labs combines innovative technology with cultural heritage to bring a unique and immersive experience to attendees. Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking event that promises to revolutionize the way we perceive and value culture in the digital age.

DFZ Labs: Introducing “Culture On-Chain” – A New Series Spotlighting Crypto’s Positive Influence

DFZ Labs, the visionary minds behind the popular Deadfellaz brand, are making waves once again with their latest content series, “Culture On-Chain.” This innovative initiative aims to shed light on the positive stories emerging within the crypto and web3 space, showcasing creators, artists, and culture-makers who are leveraging blockchain technology for lasting legacies and positive societal change.

The inaugural episode of “Culture On-Chain” is set to be filmed in Seoul, South Korea, a city that is quickly emerging as a vibrant hub for tech innovation. DFZ Labs chose Seoul for its government-level commitment to supporting blockchain technology, AI, digital creators, builders, and culture-makers. This partnership with Seoul aligns perfectly with DFZ Labs’ mission to explore and amplify the genuine culture within the crypto space.

To kickstart their journey, DFZ Labs has joined forces with MetaMask, the renowned self-custody web3 platform with over 100 million users in 2022. Together, they are sending the inaugural DFZ Squad to Seoul, a dynamic group of emerging and established creators and builders. The DFZ Squad includes talented individuals such as Latasha, Jisu, Ed Balloon, JN Silva, and Klara Vollstaedt, along with DFZ CEO Betty. Rikki Lethal, Head of Business Relations at DFZ LABS, and a film crew will also be accompanying them on this exciting adventure.

Seoul is the perfect backdrop for the filming of “Culture On-Chain,” as it coincides with several notable events, including Korea Blockchain Week, Seoul Fashion Week, and Frieze Seoul. These events provide a unique opportunity to document and celebrate the growth of innovative web3 development unfolding in real-time.

Betty, co-founder, and CEO of DFZ LABS, expressed the need to shift the mainstream media’s narrative around crypto and web3, highlighting the series’ goal of showcasing positive experiences and the authentic culture of this dynamic space. Betty states, “These global gatherings act as a hot-bed for networking, the start of new journeys, and an opportunity for emerging artists. We need content that showcases the positive experiences to people outside the web3 and crypto space.”

During their time in Seoul, the DFZ Squad will immerse themselves in the vibrant web3 scene of Korea, exploring key activations, exhibitions, and getting hands-on experience with MetaMask’s latest features. The series aims to capture the essence of the culture shaped by emerging tech and web3-infused innovations. It serves as a platform for the global community to witness the positive impact of blockchain technology and the creative minds shaping the future.

Each member of the DFZ Squad brings a unique perspective to this venture. Betty is a web3 thought leader and founder, while Rekstizzy is a Korean-American rapper, actor, translator, and connector. Latasha is a multi-talented entrepreneurial artist with a passion for the NFT space, and Ed Balloon is a musician, singer, NFT artist, and community leader. Klara Vollstaedt is an up-and-coming transfem artist known for her stunning 3D digital art, Jisu is a young Korean-American artist with accolades in the contemporary art space, and JN Silva is a Venezuelan-born photographer with a diverse portfolio.

In May, DFZ Labs introduced “Streamingfellaz,” an expansion of its Deadfellaz IP that allows collectors to bring their digital avatars to life through video streaming. While the co-founder of Deadfellaz wants creators to appreciate the real culture and value behind their work, it’s essential to acknowledge the challenges the industry faces. The negative reputation surrounding digital assets and collectibles often stems from misinformation, manipulation, and bad actors. To overcome these issues, all participants in the digital asset landscape must demand transparency and accountability from regulators and lawmakers.

You can follow the DFZ Squad’s journey and insights on their individual social media channels. The pilot episode of “Culture On-Chain” is expected to be released a few weeks after their trip, offering an immersive experience into the vibrant web3 culture captured throughout their time in Seoul.

In conclusion, DFZ Labs’ “Culture On-Chain” series is a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to highlight the positive impact of blockchain technology and the creative minds driving innovation within the crypto and web3 space. By showcasing the genuine culture and experiences of this dynamic realm, the series aims to reframe the narrative and provide a platform for global audiences to witness the transformative power of blockchain technology.

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