Google to Allow NFT Gaming Ads, Restricts Staking & Gambling

Google has made an announcement stating that it will now allow NFT gaming ads on its platform. However, the tech giant has also imposed restrictions on staking and gambling advertisements. This move potentially broadens the reach for NFT gaming projects, while maintaining a cautious approach to certain types of content. Stay updated with the latest developments in the NFT gaming space on Google.

Title 1: Google Updates Advertising Policy to Allow NFT Gaming Ads

The recent update to Google’s cryptocurrency advertising policy will have a significant impact on the visibility of NFT gaming ads. Starting September 15, users can expect to see more advertisements for NFT games on the platform. This new policy permits the promotion of games that offer in-game purchases of virtual items such as apparel, weapons, and armor, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

However, it is worth noting that the updated policy still imposes certain restrictions. Google explicitly prohibits the advertising of any form of gambling or gambling services. This means that users should not expect to see ads for games that involve NFT wagering, staking NFTs in exchange for other digital currencies, or simulations of traditional casino gambling where players can potentially win NFTs.

To legally advertise gambling-related content that incorporates NFTs, developers and publishers must obtain the appropriate Google Ads certification and comply with Google’s Gambling and games policy.

Title 2: Google’s Shift in Advertising Policy Signals a New Approach to Crypto

Google’s update to its advertising policy is a significant departure from its previous blanket ban on all crypto-related advertising. In March 2018, Google enacted this ban due to concerns about potential consumer harm. However, the recent policy revision demonstrates a more nuanced approach to cryptocurrency and blockchain-related advertising.

The ban was initially lifted in June 2021, allowing certain crypto-related companies to advertise on Google. However, these companies had to be registered with the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network as a money services business or a federal or state-chartered bank entity. Notably, this lifting of the ban did not extend to ICO advertisements or DeFi trading protocols.

The new policy update specifically focuses on NFT gaming ads, reflecting Google’s recognition of the growing popularity and potential of the NFT landscape. This decision by Google’s parent company, Alphabet, brings greater visibility to the innovative possibilities offered by NFTs while still maintaining strict regulations around gambling-related content.

In conclusion, Google’s updated advertising policy allows for the promotion of NFT gaming ads, while still imposing restrictions on gambling-related content. This shift highlights Google’s evolving stance towards crypto and blockchain-related advertisements, providing developers and publishers with new opportunities to reach a wider audience.

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