Jeremy Cowart on His Attempt To Make Art History

Renowned artist and photographer Jeremy Cowart is setting his sights on making art history with his latest project. In this ambitious endeavor, Cowart aims to create the largest-ever art installation made entirely from recycled materials. With a team of volunteers and the support of the Nashville community, Cowart is well on his way to achieving his goal and cementing his place in art history. Follow along with Cowart’s journey and witness the creation of this awe-inspiring installation.

Jeremy Cowart: The Visionary Artist Behind AURAS, the Revolutionary Live NFT Project

Web3’s evolution presents both opportunities and challenges for artists and builders seeking to innovate within its walls. Today, gamified drops, unique burn mechanics, and other pioneering dynamics are common in the NFT ecosystem, and creators must remain innovative. Fortunately, Jeremy Cowart, a visual artist known for working with celebrities such as Barak Obama, Taylor Swift, and The Kardashians, has brought a unique aesthetic to the crypto art world with his interactive NFT projects since August 2021. Now, he is aiming to push the space towards a new direction, creating AURAS, a 10,000-piece NFT collection, live in front of an audience in Nashville.

On May 2, 2023, Cowart will take to the stage at Vū Nashville, wearing a white mask and projecting hundreds of images at himself from several angles to create 10,000 NFTs in just 20 minutes. The project will take place in partnership with Transient Labs and OpenSea, with Cowart physically recreating NFT trait rarity and variety to reflect the 10K PFP tradition in the Web3 space. With such an iconic number of pieces, Cowart has been fascinated with the possibility of creating a 10K collection in ten minutes but needs closer to 15 or 20 minutes to reach the target output threshold.

The preview of Cowart’s artistic methodology reflects his experimental and innovative style, which he has been developing for a decade. Cowart has been tinkering with his technique and creating systems that allow accidents to happen, with the photographer likening his approach to how he works in mediums like painting. He calls his work “a contrived happy accident” as he aims to incorporate a degree of chaos, experimenting with different processes in the studio, which have created unique and never-before-seen art pieces that resonate with collectors.

Throughout the project’s development, Cowart has been committed to exposing the front-to-back creative workings of his human-centric methodology and avoiding AI art tools that are increasingly popular. He believes that exposing his methodology will showcase the value of human art and hopes to create well-constructed art with value evident as art, rather than through perks for holders of Auras. Cowart believes that high-end art projects hold more long-term value than projects that explicitly offer utility, which is what he aims to achieve with Auras.

Interested collectors can register for the project’s allowlist and reserve a ticket for the live performance, which is sure to be a historic moment in the annals of Web3. The NFTs will go live on OpenSea on Tuesday, May 9, and Cowart’s ambition to create something new and unique in the crypto art world again highlights the incredible potential of Web3 for artists and builders alike.

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