Marvel Studios Founder on Comics, Stan Lee, and NFTs

Kevin Feige, the founder of Marvel Studios, recently spoke about his love for comics, his close relationship with the late Stan Lee, and his thoughts on the growing trend of NFTs in the entertainment industry. Feige’s insights offer a unique perspective on the state of the industry and how it’s evolving to keep pace with the changing times. This article provides an SEO-friendly overview of Feige’s thoughts on these important topics.

The Rise of Mythos Studios: Bringing Iconic Comic Book Art to Web3

Marvel Studios has been a game-changer in the entertainment industry, pioneering the Marvel Cinematic Universe and grossing over $25 billion in revenue. However, few know about the man who spearheaded this cinematic universe: David Maisel. Maisel took on the role of chairman of Marvel Studios in 2007 and is responsible for getting the company to produce films of the characters it owns rather than licensing them out to other studios. He also executive produced Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger, films that laid the foundation for the MCU.

After leaving Marvel in 2010 and pursuing other projects, Maisel founded Mythos Studios in 2018, which acquired Aspen Comics. The studio is now releasing the Ekos Genesis Art Collection, an auction of 995 1/1 NFTs of comic book artist Michael Turner’s work, in honor of both Turner and his long-time collaborator, colorist Peter Steigerwald.

The collection is named after Turner’s unfinished Ekos comic IP and consists mostly of work from Turner’s Fathom and Soulfire comics, with a handful of pieces from the unfinished Ekos present as well. Turner’s original line artwork makes up only a small part of the Ekos Genesis collection, with eight 1/1 variants for each of Turner’s original line drawings.

The auction takes place on May 2, 2023, the 15th anniversary of the release of Iron Man. Interested collectors can secure an artwork before the auction by depositing 10 ETH or more by April 30, with a starting price of 10 ETH and a drop of 0.5 ETH every four minutes until hitting 0.5 ETH. After that, the price will drop to 0.2 ETH, provided any supply is left.

Mythos Studios plans to donate an undisclosed portion of sales from the auction to Hero Initiative, a charity that creates financial safety nets for comic creators in need. Maisel is excited about the potential of NFTs to create new and more intimate types of relationships between artists, studios, and collectors.

Web3 is likely to be a comfortable home for Mythos Studios if the love received from Web3 heavy hitters Pranksy, Seedphrase, Supermassive, and more is a sign of things to come. The Ekos Gallery will reveal the Genesis Art Portraits NFTs in the collection on June 27, the anniversary of Turner’s passing.

With the rise of NFTs, comic book art has found a new way to connect with fans and collectors alike. Mythos Studios is playing a pioneering role in bridging this gap, and the Ekos Genesis Art Collection is only the beginning of its foray into the world of Web3.

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