MoonPay and Julie Pacino Partner on First Film Inspired by NFT-Native Photography

MoonPay, a leading cryptocurrency payment solution provider, has partnered with Julie Pacino, a renowned film producer, to create the first-ever film inspired by NFT-native photography. This innovative project will showcase cutting-edge NFT-inspired photography and explore its impact on the creative industry. MoonPay’s secure and easy-to-use payment platform will enable users to purchase limited-edition prints and support emerging artists in the NFT space. This collaboration highlights the growing trend of NFTs in the art world and demonstrates the power of cryptocurrencies in supporting artists and their projects. With MoonPay and Julie Pacino’s partnership, the film promises to be a unique and visionary contribution to the NFT landscape.

MoonPay, a leading crypto payment platform, has announced its partnership with Julie Pacino, a renowned filmmaker, producer, and photographer, on her upcoming movie, I Live Here Now. According to a press release shared with NFT Now, MoonPay will also serve as the Co-Executive Producer of the movie. I Live Here Now, which is based on Pacino’s 2021 NFT photography collection of the same name, marks her feature-length directorial debut. Interestingly, the movie is the first NFT-native photography intellectual property to inspire a film. Funded in part by Pacino’s follow-up collection, Keepers of the Inn, the movie has yet to receive a release date but is expected to drop soon.

Pacino is a long-time proponent of NFTs and Web3, and she has established herself as a household name in this space, thanks to her I Live Here Now collection, which she followed up with Keepers of the Inn. The collections allowed her to explore character development through photographic stills, which eventually led to her developing a feature-length film. The psychological horror story focuses on a struggling actress grappling with the reemergence of childhood trauma. The main character escapes to a remote hotel in the woods where a mysterious and anomalous presence causes her to question her reality.

Pacino has consistently advocated for using Web3 technology in the film industry, believing that NFTs free creatives from relying solely on large production studios and crowdfunding platforms to finance their work. She has directed several well-received short films at Tiny Apples, her production company, including Hard Work, Nowhere to Go, and Harmony in Gold.

MoonPay’s involvement with the film comes just two months after the company announced its acquisition of Web3 creative agency Nightshift, which was rebranded to Otherlife. MoonPay has ambitious goals of onboarding as many people to Web3 as possible, and its support of Pacino’s work could help raise awareness of the brand and its wide-reaching goals. The movie highlights the power of Web3 to create community, break boundaries, and allow artists to share their stories. Pacino also has a new, intimate NFT portrait series in the works titled Hollywood Mornings, slated to drop later this year, which will take place in collaboration with MoonPay.

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