Nine Projects Lifting Web3 Beyond the ‘Crypto Bro’ Norm

Web3 is breaking beyond its “crypto bro” stereotype with these nine innovative projects. From decentralized social media to sustainable energy solutions, these initiatives are changing the game and promoting positive social impact through blockchain technology. Explore the possibilities and see how Web3 is transforming the digital landscape for the better.

Gender Imbalance in Web3: How Women-Led NFT Projects are Changing the Narrative

Women continue to be underrepresented in the Web3 space, a trend that began during Web2 discourse. Despite the spaces largely being pioneered and dominated by individuals from the tech and finance sectors, there are several women and non-binary individual-led NFT communities that are actively bridging the gender gap.

Here are nine women-led projects in the NFT ecosystem propelling the industry forward:

1. World of Women

With a floor price of 1.28 ETH, World of Women is an NFT brand that is undeniably powerful. Yam Karkai, the project’s co-founder and artist, realized the chance to spread a message of inclusivity during the NFT boom of 2021, pivoting to the PFP space in the process and giving rise to the original WoW drop on July 27, 2021. The project’s utility includes access to exclusive airdrops, token-gated events, and participation in the project’s governing board. In March 2022, WoW announced a partnership with The Sandbox to establish the WoW Foundation.

2. Boss Beauties

Founded by CEO Lisa Mayer in September 2021, Boss Beauties is a women-led 10K PFP project aimed at raising funds for causes that directly benefit women around the globe. The project has worked with brands and organizations like Hugo Boss, the New York Stock Exchange, Barbie, and Rolling Stone. In March 2022, Boss Beauties partnered with Mattel’s Barbie to commemorate Women’s History Month via a unique Barbie NFT that was sold to support the Dream Gap Project.

3. Women And Weapons

Women and Weapons is a women-led project by Texas-based visual artist Sara Baumann (also known as Sparky). The project’s 10K PFP collection incorporates a 1950s artistic aesthetic, featuring women brandishing various types of weapons, with five percent of all primary and secondary sales donated to The Malala Fund Charity.

4. Women Rise

Founded by artist and activist Maliha Abidi, Women Rise is a 10K PFP collection whose release coincided with the Center for Global Women’s Leadership’s 2021 international campaign. The collection’s traits are based on women activists, artists, coders, and scientists from around the world, generating unique pieces for the collection. In December 2021, celebrities like Gary Vee bought up 10 Women Rise NFTs, helping raise the project’s profile substantially.

5. The Rebels

The Rebels was born out of tumultuous circumstances. In 2012, in Vilnius, Lithuania, Robert Kalinkin Fashion House put out an ad campaign that featured a man and a woman posing as Jesus and the Virgin Mary wearing clothing from the company’s upcoming fashion line. After a local religious organization filed a complaint against the ad campaign for insulting religious figures, the Lithuanian justice system ordered the fashion company executives to apologize. Rejecting the demand and taking their case to the European Court of Human Rights (who overturned the Lithuanian courts’ decision), Robert Kalinkin Fashion House co-founders Indre Viltrakyte and Robert Kalinkin founded an NFT community on the ideals of free creative expression. The Rebels is a 10,101-strong PFP collection based on the image of Mary that the two used in their original ad campaign.

6. The Flower Girls

The Flower Girls is an award-winning women-led project spearheaded by graphic designer and illustrator Varvara Alay. Launched in December 2021, the 10K PFP collection includes over 950 handcrafted elements. The project sets a new standard for fine art NFTs.

7. Curls

Curls is a women-led NFT project that embraces all-natural curls by passing on the message that everyone’s hair is beautiful. The project’s 10K PFP collection launched in December 2021, and the team is currently offering mint passes for its upcoming collection.

8. Crypto Queens

Crypto Queens was founded by Saurabh Yadav, an entrepreneur and investor in the cryptocurrency space. The project’s 10K PFP collection focuses on women pioneers in the crypto space.

9. Feminum

Feminum is a women-led project that aims to use NFTs and blockchain technology to uplift and celebrate menstruation. The project’s 10K PFP collection is set to launch in September 2022.

In conclusion, women-led NFT projects are working hard to combat the gender imbalance in Web3. These projects are trailblazers that empower women to break into the Web3 space while receiving the education needed to excel. These women-led projects are a testament to the strength and creativity of women in the industry, proving that Web3 has a lot to gain by working together for a more inclusive and diverse environment.

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