OpenSea Pro: The NFT Giant’s Answer to Blur?

Looking to elevate your NFT buying and selling experience to the next level? Look no further than OpenSea Pro, the latest offering from NFT marketplace giant OpenSea. With features like advanced search filters, bulk editing tools, and personalized support from a dedicated account manager, OpenSea Pro is the ultimate solution for serious NFT collectors and creators. Say goodbye to the headaches of managing your NFT portfolio and streamline your operations with OpenSea Pro. Optimized for professional NFT trading, OpenSea Pro is your answer to Blur – and much more. Start your NFT journey with OpenSea Pro today!

OpenSea, once the uncontested leader in the NFT marketplace, has found itself facing stiff competition from newcomer Blur. In response, OpenSea has launched OpenSea Pro, a new pro-trader-oriented marketplace and aggregator. Unlike OpenSea, which caters to retail buyers, OS Pro aims to make high-volume trading easy and appealing to its users. The platform initially offered zero percent marketplace fees and a minimum royalty fee of 0.5 percent in a bid to attract users. However, the zero percent fee period is only for a limited time after which the standard 2.5% fee will apply.

OpenSea Pro, which is a rebranding of Gem acquired in early 2022, features live cross-marketplace information, advanced order and listing options, mobile compatibility, and tracking of live project mints. The platform has an Apple-esque aesthetic theme, which makes it stand out from the mechanical look of Blur. OpenSea Pro has indicated plans to reward users with NFTs and other perks to encourage loyalty, though it has so far refrained from introducing a native token, unlike its competitor.

The launch of OpenSea Pro has been received with mixed feelings by the NFT community. Some have praised the move in introducing an option for high-volume traders and collectors, while others have pointed out discrepancies in what the company communicated to its users and the experience they’re having on the marketplace. Specifically, the marketplace’s zero percent marketplace fee appears not to be inclusive, with fees expected to apply when selling into WETH bids.

While it’s too early to tell whether OpenSea Pro will give Blur and other competitors a run for their money, the platform has seen some success. The fact that it has overtaken Blur in daily transaction count since its launch is seen as a sign of possible success. The pro-trader demographic is not huge, with most of Blur’s activity coming from market makers with deep pockets that display outsized influence on collections they trade with. The emergence of OpenSea Pro and the potential for rewards has incentivized users enough to lure them away from Blur, at least for the time being. However, with NFT volumes falling across the board and Blur’s customer retention strategy faltering, there’s no way to attribute the shrinking distance between the two to OpenSea Pro.

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