Roofstock OnChain Sells Third Property as an NFT

Roofstock OnChain, a leading provider of real estate NFTs, has successfully sold its third property as a non-fungible token (NFT). The company’s innovative platform allows investors to purchase and trade real estate assets digitally, providing a seamless and secure experience. With this latest sale, Roofstock OnChain once again demonstrates the growing popularity and value of NFTs in the real estate market. Explore the future of property ownership and investment with Roofstock OnChain’s cutting-edge technology.

Roofstock onChain and Origin Story Execute Third Blockchain-Infused Property Sale

Redefining the real estate industry, Roofstock onChain and Origin Story showcased their commitment to blockchain technology by successfully completing their third blockchain-infused property sale on September 1st. This groundbreaking event took place on the Roofstock onChain NFT marketplace, powered by Origin Story, and featured a property located at 332 Montclaire Ln in West Columbia, South Carolina.

The property, which boasts three bedrooms and two bathrooms, was sold for the impressive price of 204,000 USDC ($204,000 USD). Roofstock onChain, a subsidiary of Roofstock, Inc., specializes in tokenized single-family rentals, revolutionizing the way real estate transactions are conducted. Through the Roofstock onChain marketplace, developed by Origin Story, properties can be traded as NFTs, ensuring a faster and more cost-effective process.

What makes this sale even more remarkable is the collaboration between Roofstock and, an NFT liquidity aggregator. offers flexible financing options, departing from the conventional rigidities associated with traditional avenues of financing. This partnership further enhances the transformative power of blockchain technology and NFTs in the real estate market.

Simplifying Real Estate with Blockchain and NFTs

The adoption of blockchain technology and NFTs in the real estate industry is simplifying a landscape known for complexity, high fees, and delays. By tokenizing properties through NFTs on the blockchain, the entire transaction process becomes streamlined, instantaneous, and transparent. This fusion of technology injects additional liquidity into an otherwise stagnant market, benefiting both investors and property owners.

Roofstock onChain and Origin Story have been pioneers in this transformation. In September 2022, they conducted their first-ever sale of an IRL (in real life) home through an NFT marketplace. The three-bedroom house, located in Columbia, SC, was purchased for $175,000 USDC ($175,000 USD), ensuring a swift ownership transfer with a minimal 3% fee.

Their second sale took place in Harvest, Alabama, where the property was sold for $180,000 USDC ($180,000 USD). By leveraging the Teller Protocol, Roofstock introduced flexible, asset-backed DeFi lending, adding yet another layer of innovation to the NFT marketplace.

Alongside its groundbreaking work in the real estate sector, Origin Story has also introduced a redeemable NFT platform. This platform allows NFTs, representing sought-after properties, to be redeemed for the physical assets or traded on secondary markets, expanding the possibilities and accessibility of real estate investments.

Revolutionizing Property Sales through Tokenization

Tokenizing real estate on a blockchain has the potential to revolutionize property sales, marking the future of on-chain real estate transactions. Propy, an early blockchain startup, is another platform driving this transformation. Similar to a physical deed, the NFT serves as the official entity, legally protecting and encrypting property rights and ownership documents.

By storing the record of the property purchase on the blockchain, the NFT provides access to the necessary legal documents to prove ownership. Once the purchasing process is complete, the owner will receive both the NFT, containing the ownership rights, and the physical property. This creates a valuable DeFi asset that owners can leverage for borrowing purposes.

Propy’s achievements in this space have been remarkable. They auctioned TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington’s apartment in Ukraine as an NFT, reaching $4 billion in NFT sales by the end of 2021. In January 2022, Propy launched its NFT platform in the United States, facilitating the purchase of real-world properties as NFTs. They auctioned a Spanish-inspired Gulfport home in Florida as the first U.S. real estate-backed NFT, attracting over 3,000 potential bidders and generating immense interest.

Platforms like Roofstock onChain, Origin Story, and Propy are at the forefront of shaping the future landscape of real estate transactions on the blockchain. Their innovative approaches are simplifying processes, reducing costs, and bringing unprecedented transparency to an industry ripe for transformation.

Editor’s note: This article was written by an nft now staff member in collaboration with OpenAI’s GPT-3.

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