Shavonne Wong On Art and Fostering Diversity in Web3

In this insightful article, Shavonne Wong explores the significance of art in the world of Web3 and how it can foster diversity. She discusses the key role that artists play in shaping the future of technology and cryptocurrencies, and highlights the importance of inclusivity and representation in this evolving digital landscape. By implementing SEO-friendly strategies, this article aims to promote a broader understanding of the intersection between art and Web3 while encouraging diversity within this innovative space.

Shavonne Wong: Championing Asian Artists in Web3 and Building a Community with NFT Asia

Singapore-based artist Shavonne Wong is widely recognized for her expertise in 3D virtual modeling and surreal environments, which are a product of her extensive experience in fashion photography. In a recent conversation, Wong provided insights into her journey in Web3 and her role as a co-founder of the nonprofit community builder, NFT Asia. This organization aims to empower Asian and Asia-based NFT artists while promoting diversity in Web3.

A Canvas of Challenges and Triumphs

Wong’s introduction to NFTs came through her husband, and she embraced this new artistic avenue wholeheartedly. She noted that the learning curve was steep but equally exciting. However, like any newcomer to a different field, Wong faced challenges such as maintaining visibility and countering the social media algorithm. She humbly added that the ability to sell her art was a positive outcome.

Fast forward to the present, Wong is currently hosting her first European solo exhibition at NFT Factory Paris. The exhibition, which utilizes Foundation’s new Moments update, has already garnered attention, with one of Wong’s works receiving a 5 ETH bid in collaboration with Marie Claire Arabia. Wong highlighted the role of physical exhibitions in promoting her work beyond the confines of the Twitter circle, especially during bear markets.

A Beacon for Asian Artists

Aside from her personal success in Web3, Wong has become a champion for Asian and Asia-based artists through her involvement with NFT Asia. She explained that the organization was founded to address the need for support and a safe haven for Asian artists in the NFT space. NFT Asia has showcased the works of over 93 artists from 21 countries through eight exhibitions, providing exposure and global opportunities for these artists.

Wong emphasized that one of the effective strategies employed by NFT Asia is daily sharing and retweeting of artists’ works to its growing audience on the X app, which currently has 21,000 followers. The organization’s efforts have enabled artists to exhibit their work globally and even have their pieces auctioned on prominent platforms like Sotheby’s. Wong cited the recent NFT Paris open call supported by the Joyn platform as an example of the opportunities provided by NFT Asia.

Exiting the Echo Chamber

When asked about her thoughts on The Gateway: Korea, a Web3 arts and culture festival, Wong expressed excitement about the event’s potential. She highlighted the strategic move of organizing an event in Korea, with the region expected to experience substantial growth in the next bull market cycle. Wong emphasized the importance of the artist open call, which expands artists’ visibility beyond their immediate circles, considering that platforms like X can sometimes foster echo chambers. Another notable aspect of The Gateway: Korea, according to Wong, is its commitment to embracing diversity in the art world.

In conclusion, Shavonne Wong’s journey in Web3 and her involvement with NFT Asia not only showcase her talent but also reflect her passion for empowering Asian artists. Through NFT Asia, Wong and her team are providing a safe and supportive space for artists while promoting diversity and expanding their global reach. The Gateway: Korea further amplifies Wong’s belief in the significance of events that break the echo chamber and celebrate artistic diversity.

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